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Monday, December 9, 2013

SUNDAY SENTIMENT Tejpals and Gangulys spurt Crisis of Faith & Confidence

Tejpals and Gangulys spurt
Crisis of Faith & Confidence

Yesterday, a friend narrated that when he reached home he found he wife escorting our daughter home from school. My daughter after her school went to our friend's home everyday, he told, and my wife went to fetch her from his home at her leisure. When my friend asked his wife why had she gone to school to bring the daughter straight from school, she replied, "It's no longer safe to have blind faith in anyone".
That is the reply which should raise an alarm in everybody's mind. The new environment had been created by people whom people trust — their close relations, friends and intimate acquaintance. They had punctured other's faith and trust in them.  Today, no woman, no girl and no child is safe even within family. There is a spurt in the instances of fathers, brothers, uncles, maternal uncles, other close blood relations and godly gurus behaving like beastly man-eaters on the prowl not sparing their innocent female relations from their wolfish sexual pounces.  Whatever may be the truth behind the Tarun Tejpal, Justice A. K. Ganguly or Asaram Bapu episodes, these have certainly shaken the faith and confidence of the people in their acquaintances be they their friends, relations or disciples. That such ugly incidents could happen with women who are of their daughters' age may be unthinkable yet true in the present times.
The very fact that such an allegation is made against such people in society who, otherwise, claim — or are expected — to be the custodians of morality and truth, is a matter for alarm. Tejpal made his name as a person who fearlessly exposed the misdeeds of high-ups in politics and government, though there are also allegations of his being partial in having singled out a certain political wing for his target. That such an allegation should even — and ever — be made against them is a matter of shame and sufficient to make them bow their heads in shame. On the contrary, they seem to be trying to appear brave and daring.  Tejpal was chatting and laughing, according to media reports, in the plane on his way to Goa where he was to be interrogated and, later arrested for the heinous charge by the police. So was Asaram Bapu's son Narain Sain when ultimately he was apprehended by police after having dodged police for over a month. He too is facing very shameful sexual charges like his father. When police was pushing him to a police van he was chivalrously waving to the crowd as if he had returned home after a great victory.
Tejpal is not remorseful of what he did or happened. Initially he did regret his sin and tried to present himself as a great moralist by quitting, as a penance, the editorship of Tehelka for six months. But now he is brandishing his innocence claiming that all happened with the girl's consent — the girl who was reportedly his daughter's age. Nothing can be  more sinful — if no crime in the eye of our law singed with western ideology and norms  — if a father were to claim that he committed the crime — and the sin — with his daughter's consent!
We do claim that our civilization has advanced in recent times. Is it really so? A century or  more people would not lock their houses. Today, not only homes, even the pocket is not safe. You keep something unattended and in a moment it disappears like an essential commodity from the market. People used to respect age and position. An elderly person received universal respect even from a stranger. Today, even parents have to beg for care and respect. Relationship has lost sanctity.
If a girl called any boy her brother, they became brother and sister in reality even if he had, before that, entertained a wish to marry her. A friend narrated that when he received a proposal for his son's marriage from a girl's parents, both he and his father refused because the girl in question had been addressing him her brother. Even the alien Moghul ruler Humayun protected the woman from his enemy's family who tied tied rakhi on his wrist.
A girl of the village was always treated like a daughter and sister with all the love and affection. Safety of the girl and woman was then considered to be the sacred duty of the villagers, young and old. But today nobody has faith in a person of his own village. In their eyes, all have turned sex-hungry sharks.
There was always a respectable distance between the teacher and the taught. The student gave his/her teacher the respect like that given to parents. Students felt more scared of their teachers than their parents. To maim their unruly children parents used to dread their wards by threatening to report their bad habits to their teacher. It had an instant impact. The children then fell in line. But not so today. Students have started taking teachers as their equals or, at the most, first among the equals, as we call the council of ministers. Teachers cannot scold their students if they did not behave. Teachers and students have entered into wedlock.
Actually, we seem to be led by the thought (of Shakespeare) that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Our permissive society is the mother of all our ills and woes .  A modern liberal magazine a few years back published an interview in which a young man brags boldly and proudly, "What if I wish to marry my sister?"
Under our law in matters of marriage sky is the limit; there are no restraints and taboos. There is an old saying: jab miaan beevee raazee to kya karegaa kaazee? If a man and woman consent, who can question — not even the husband and wife.
Our parents do have a duty to give us a nice bringing up — feed us well, fulfill our needs and demands, give us the education we want and provide us everything to realize our dreams. But when they grow up, they have no duty to look after their aged, sometime infirm parents. In marriage, the parents and family are a non-entity. Family traditions and taboos crumble before the stubborn attitude of children. But later, if the marriage turns sour, it is parents who come to their rescue and stand by them.
One's liberalism survives so long, so far as it does not pinch and prick one himself. Everybody wishes to see the other person's wife in the nude, but if somebody is caught peeping into one's wife's bed room one is furious enough to smash the head of that rascal.   

It is not that every person, young or old, has turned into a Tejpal, a Ganguly or Asaram. But the solitary instances have shaken the faith and confidence of people in every honest and truthful person around. Everyone has now turned a suspect — suspect of his character, honesty and integrity. A single individual turns hundreds and thousands of others as objects not worthy of their faith. Is it not the time for the society to ponder and do something? 

Friday, November 29, 2013



No longer a noble profession by    SEEMA MUSTAFFA

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Monday, November 25, 2013

SUNDAY SENTIMENT AAP & Tejpal: Doctor, heal thyself

AAP & Tejpal: Doctor, heal thyself

In the last week ending November 22 two idols which self-claimed to be crusaders against corruption and wrongdoing crashed to the ground: Tehalka's Tarun Tejpal and AAP's Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal groomed himself in the lap of social activities and fighter against corruption Anna Hazare. He utilized Anna's movement against corruption to raise an institution called Lokpal to project himself as the number 2 in the movement. Initially, Kejriwal derided intrusion of politics into the campaign for Lokpal to fight corruption. It looked to him, then, that politics and politicians would pollute the campaign to cleanse administration and eradicate corruption. He turned away politicians who came to express their support and solidarity for the cause at Janta Mantar. But, in less than a year, he got so fascinated by the glare and glamour of politics that that he himself decided to have a plunge in the mud of politics. He, perhaps, thought that the mud would not stick to his oily body and clean white the stains on his clothes in the same way as do our detergents claim. He formed a political organization under the name and style of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He made a debut in Delhi elections and was the first to project himself as the 'clean' challenger to the 'tainted' Congress chief minister Mrs. Sheila Dixit and to be the chief minister if his party was voted into power. He put stickers on auto-rickshaws and elsewhere to vote out Dixit and vote in 'honest' Kejriwal.

To buttress his image as a relentless and fearless fighter against corruption, he took pride in quick-start his political career by taking pride in coming out with charges of corruption and wrongdoing against various leaders. By targeting top leaders of almost every national political party worth the name, he projected himself and his party as the only clean man and the rest just corrupt and scamsters. He claimed that his allegations were hundred percent true. If anybody challenged his accusations, he tried to give the impression that the leader accused was just trying to save his skin by telling lies.

But last week, a person who was once a member of his close group, gave Kejriwal the taste of what he was serving to other political leaders. Kejriwal adopted the same line of defence which Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had been practicing — disappearing from the glare of media and television cameras pushing up their henchmen to defend them. It was akin to the commander shielding himself from the enemy strike by taking a position of safety behind his troops.
It now looks Kejriwal has moved ahead from his infancy to adulthood in politics. To specific charges against him and his cronies, Kejriwal is using the same shields and using the same techniques, words and arguments his opponents had been employing to face a barrage of attacks by him. His spokespersons are beating about the bush in their zeal to defend him and the party without satisfying the people on the specific allegations made against Kejriwal and other members. They have, so far, not volunteered a fair, free and impartial inquiry into the allegations by any judicial or investigating authority of their choice. Instead they have preferred to issue clean chits to the persons involved. He is threatening his accusers who are daring him to do so.

People are therefore left to draw their own conclusions.

God that failed

The Tarun Tejpal case in which he has been accused to sexual assault on his own journalist-employee has caused another storm. Tarun Tejpal had earned a name for himself as a sober investigative journalist who had exploded some scams. But now he has been caught in his own webb. A journalist on the roles of his paper has accused him of sexual assault on her in Goa. It goes to his credit that he did not go out to out-rightly reject the charges as false, untrue, malicious, aimed at character assassination and motivated by his detractors. As atonement he stepped down from the editorship of Tehalka for six months. He regretted his action too. His managing editor Mrs. Shobha Chaudhary tried to project it as a 'family affair' barred to the piercing eyes of outsiders. The management has also constituted a house committee to look into the incident.

This action on the part of Tehlka management attracted a comment that Tarun Tejpal is trying to be an accused, investigator and a judge — all by himself.
Needless to recall that when Tehlka resorted to sting operations against BJP president Bangaru Laxman or against the Defence Ministry officers, he did not want the matter to be treated as a "family affair", as the magazine now tries to do. Criminal cases were registered against the persons involved and punishment awarded following their being found guilty. But Tejpal wishes that a different yardstick should be employed in his case.

If 'atonement' was the adequate punishment, the self-styled godmen like Asaram Bapu too could take the same recourse and get away with punishment because criminal charges against them are not more heinous than those against Tejpal.
Now that Goa police has come into action registering a case and recording statements of the victim's colleagues and associates, including those of Shobha Verma, Tejpal too is reported to have developed second thoughts on his earlier statements. He is now trying to extricate himself from the involvement. He has even sought pre-arrest bail.

 Congress is making all out noise on the alleged surveillance of a girl in Gujarat and demanding a probe by a Supreme Court judge although no crime was involved as the girl herself and her father have said that all this was done with their knowledge and they have no complaint. But, intriguingly, this very party is keeping a stoic silence on this heinous crime against a woman. There are reports that some senior party and government functionaries are going the whole hog to protect him. Even the Central Women Commission does not seem to be stirred by this incident. Human Rights Commission too continues to keep mum.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the targets of Tejpal's sting operations and the stinging language in his magazines had always been non-Congress leaders and Hindu organizations and individuals connected with it. This fact now seems to have gagged the voice of these sections of society who derived political and social benefit from Tejpal exposures and disclosures.                              ***